Equipment … Teil 3

A few weeks ago, I thought about a bridge-camera to add it to my equipment.

There are several cameras on the market that looks interesting.

Sony RX 10, Panasonic FZ1000, Leica V-Lux (114) and the canon G3X !

And now … while I thought Fuji is still sleeping … there is a rumor:
I think, it would be great to get one, BUT please Fuji, try out to bring the best features of the other three cameras in your new X-Bridge. Like:

1. Fast AF like Pana/Leica

2. Great lens like the Zeiss or Leica … for example: f 2.8-4; 24-400 (35mm equivalent) ( f2.8 up to 200mm)

3. Weather sealing

4. All the beautiful Fuji Film simulations, incl. Clasic Chrome … AND the great Fuji jpeg engine

5. A new first class flash system … or a TTL protokoll for third party dealers … to blow away the very good Canon TTL system

6. EVF and Monitor from the X-T1 

7. several Fn-Buttons to customize the features personally by the User

8. Price around a little less than 1000€ (like the others)

So … I hope that any Fuji Manager will read my thoughts an think about it! 😉

From now on I will wait till the new X comes out … If not … there are 4 stunning cameras on the plan! 


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